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Specialist online mastering service for soundsystem dance/electronic, abstract/experimental and leftfield rock/pop music.


  • Specialist online mastering tailored for your music
  • Analogue processing by Avalon, Barry Porter and custom
  • Accurate monitoring by PMC, Lavry and Hypex
  • Free mastering revisions until satisfied
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee


  • £30 GBP each track standard price (~$38/€36)
  • + £5 per track for vinyl ready premasters
  • + £10 per track per new mix revision
  • + £20 per track for stem mastering
  • + £30 for DDP image for CD

Selected work

Our engineer

Our engineer John Flynn works with a keen and sensitive ear to the music he masters. Through experienced listening he forms a custom treatment for every song, approaching each track as individual. He keeps close communication with clients throughout the online mastering process, working to achieve exactly the desired sound through references, sound examples and descriptions. His methods attend to any issues that need resolving and most importantly he works with the music to build on and enhance its feeling.

John is also a dedicated and active musician in the London music scene which contributes strongly to his ability to think and hear critically. He releases on the Warp‑affiliated Bleep record label and his work has attracted the ears of Björk, with whom he collaborated on her album ‘Vulnicura’.


  • Arthur Russell
  • Mark Fell
  • Sleeparchive
  • Daniel Avery
  • Volte-Face
  • Tom James Scott
  • Datassette
  • Peder Mannerfelt
  • Fran Hartnett
  • Peter Gordon
  • Saga
  • Tengui
  • Casual Violence
  • Spaces
  • Charlton
  • …and more


  • Bleep
  • Lost Codes
  • R&S
  • Foom
  • Lit City Trax
  • Shipwrec
  • Ondulé
  • Plector
  • Broken20
  • Ostcode Exile
  • Champion Sound
  • Create Define Release
  • …and more

Selected masters

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